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Mount Olive Physical Therapy 
(& formerly Rosewood Physical Therapy)
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Physical Therapy Services
Have you been referred by a doctor?
It's Your Choice!
At Mount Olive Physical Therapy, LLC, we care about providing our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient. We are fully equipped to meet your needs!

​We commonly address problems with pain, post-surgical rehab, personal and work injuries. We treat a wide variety of disorders and diagnoses. We also treat a wide range of ages. Common goals of our treatments include decreasing your pain, increasing your flexibility, improving your strength, and addressing problems with your walking and mobility. In general, we try to help you achieve your maximum potential!
Most of our patients are referred by a doctor; however, North Carolina does allow direct access to physical therapy. For some insurances, though, you must have a referral in order for the insurance to pay. We will happily check with your insurance to see if you qualify.
The decision to come to physical therapy is always yours! At Mount Olive Physical Therapy, we will never make you do anything you are not comfortable with, and we respect your decisions. We want to work with you and your physician to meet your goals.

Likewise, where you go for your physical therapy is your choice. You should be comfortable with your therapist, and you have the right to choose what clinic you attend.
When you need physical therapy, 
It's your choice...
Additional Services
In addition to traditional physical therapy, we offer:

Wellness Program - after completing physical therapy, many of our patients have decided they would like to continue exercising for the potential long-term benefits. For $30 per month (no contracts required), you can come to our office and use our machines for your independent exercise program. Don't lose what you've worked hard to achieve! 

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) - a detailed examination of your current physical abilities, usually to help determine your ability to work. Typically this is ordered by a physician towards the end of a recovery period, often in a Worker's Comp or Personal Injury situation. Typical examinations require 3-6 hours to complete.

Work Conditioning - skilled sessions designed to help the entire individual achieve their highest possible potential to return to work. Usually after completing PT for a specific injury, a physician determines that this program will help develop the required stamina and skills required for a safe return to work. Typical sessions may be 3-4 hours in length, 2-3 days per week.